Who Knows?

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The central element of this artwork, which Rooney affectionately refer to as "Who knows?", is no ordinary black hole - it is a captivating portal into the soul that acts like a magnetic pull. It represents not only the infinite vastness of the universe, but also the deepest emotions and unknown facets of our own inner selves.

It is as if it establishes a connection to our most hidden thoughts and feelings, inviting us to dive boldly into the darkness of ourselves. The depth of black reflects not only the unknown, but also the beauty of the unexplored, and the floating figures surround it like carriers of emotions dancing in the universe of our own consciousness.


As a perfect partner to "What are we living for?", this artwork creates a visual and emotional connection. Together they form a powerful synthesis of questions, reflection and the infinite fascination for the mystery of life.

Acrylic on canvas I ORIGINAL
Dimensions (height x width) : 120 x 160 cm
47x63 inches

Frame width: 4 cm
Year of origin: 2024

Artwork on stretcher.

The side edge of the canvas is included in the painting.
Framing is not required. Artwork can be hung directly.