Art has always played an important role in my life, even though I took a different path as a consultant and entrepreneur for a long time.

I have finally found my voice in my artwork. As a painter, I create artworks that reflect the world around us and explore our place in it. My artwork features vibrant colours and dynamic shapes, often inspired by nature and the human form. I enjoy experimenting with different techniques and materials to create unique texture and depth that offer viewers an immersive experience.

My painting is intuitive. I am guided by my inner voice, which gently tells me what colours, shapes and movements to put on the canvas. It is a magical moment when I put my brush on the canvas and everything that moves me at the moment bubbles out of me. It is a feeling of freedom and light-heartedness, as if I am in another world. Every brushstroke is a part of me, a part of my soul.

Painting is like a meditation for me, where I become completely absorbed in the moment and forget everything around me. It is an indescribable feeling of liberation that fills me every time I paint.

I believe that art has a powerful force to enrich people's lives and broaden our perspectives. Through my art, I aim to create a space where viewers can immerse themselves in a world that makes them think and reflect, making a connection between their own lives and the world around them.

I invite you to be inspired by my passion and dedication for art. Let my intuition and soul touch you and immerse yourself in the world of Rooney art.