Mother's Day

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Enter a world of joy and color with the stunning "Mother's Day painting". The matte magenta and black background is the perfect contrast to the vibrant yellow-green flecks that bubble up and inspire joy at the top and bottom of the image.

But that's not all this masterpiece has to offer. Only when you are a few meters away will the snout of a small dog be revealed frontally, happily gazing directly at the art lover in the midst of the blaze of colour. This hidden detail adds a playful touch that can delight and bring a smile to the viewer's face.

The hidden image of the terrier or schnauzer could also be interpreted as a metaphor for a mother's unconditional love and loyalty to her children.

As a potential buyer, you might consider this piece of art a perfect way to show your appreciation to your mother or someone special in your life.


Acrylic on cellulose fiber fleece I ORIGINAL
Dimensions (height x width) : 100 x 150 cm
39x59 inches
Year: 2020

Framing is possible on request.