Middle-earth I

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This work of art takes the viewer into a mysterious world reminiscent of mystical scenes from the fantasy genre. The deep burgundy and salmon red tones create an intense, dramatic atmosphere and evoke the feeling of being immersed in another world.

The nebulous contours of the mountain landscape stimulate the viewer's imagination and he can imagine what is hidden behind the fog. The part of the beetle's shell that is incorporated into the artwork provides an additional mysterious effect and immerses the viewer in a world of mysteries.

The use of these colors and patterns creates a sense of depth and complexity, making the artwork even more intriguing. It invites the viewer to embark on a journey with his imagination and lose himself in the scenery.

Through the use of realistic colors and shapes, as well as shadow and lighting effects, the texture and structure of the beetle's shell is brought to life. This gives the artwork an additional intriguing aspect and gives it a special touch that will delight the viewer.

Overall, this work of art is a masterpiece of art that pushes the limits of imagination and transports the viewer to another world. It is a valuable asset for any art lover looking for a special and unique work of art.

Acrylic on canvas I ORIGINAL
Dimensions (height x width) : 90 x 90 cm
35x35 inches

Frame width: 1.5 cm
Year of origin: 2021

Artwork on stretcher.
The side edge of the canvas is included in the painting.
Framing is not necessary. Artwork can be hung directly.