let's dance

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This color combination of orange and turquoise in the artwork "let's dance" creates a lively and contrasting mood. Orange is a warm and energetic color that represents optimism, creativity and enthusiasm. Turquoise, on the other hand, is a cool and soothing color that represents clarity, refreshment, and spaciousness. In combination, these two colors can create a balanced and dynamic mood that is both lively and relaxing at the same time.

This artwork can also evoke associations with the sea, creating a positive and summery vibe and conveying a sense of joy, vibrancy, and optimism.

In general, this work of art could fit well in rooms with a modern, minimalist or contemporary design, such as living rooms, study rooms or corporate reception areas. It could also be used in a space with a calming atmosphere like a SPA or a yoga studio,
to create an energetic atmosphere.

Acrylic on canvas I ORIGINAL
Dimensions (height x width) : 100 x 120 cm
39x47 inches

Frame width: 4cm
Year of origin: 2021

Artwork on stretcher.
The side edge of the canvas is included in the painting.
Framing is not required. Artwork can be hung directly.