The Power of Thoughts

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The realm of thoughts, feelings and forces is intangible - create a unique atmosphere in your home with this impressive work of art. It tells its own story.

The facial profile on the right side of the artwork possibly illustrates the concept of the "thinking man". Shades of blue, pink and magenta here could draw focus to the positive thoughts and attitudes. The black lines suggesting wrinkles and furrows in the face could be interpreted as an expression of deep thought and concentration.

Positive thoughts have a powerful effect on our lives. By focusing on the good in our lives and cultivating positive thoughts, we can direct our energy and attention towards what we want to achieve. This positive attitude can help us overcome obstacles and achieve our goals faster. By focusing on what we have rather than what we lack, we can increase our gratitude and happiness. By focusing on the positive in our lives, we can also free ourselves from negative emotions such as stress, anger or frustration.

Overall, positive thoughts have great power and can help us achieve our goals, increase our well-being and boost our self-confidence. If we focus on the positive, we can bring about a positive change in our lives.

Thus, the artwork could also serve as a daily reminder to promote positive thoughts and attitudes.

Acrylic on canvas I ORIGINAL
Dimensions (height x width) : 120 x 80 cm
32x39 inches

Bar depth: 2 cm
Year: 2022

Artwork on stretcher.
The side edge of the canvas is included in the painting.
Framing is not required. Artwork can be hung directly.