Far Away

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This work of art "far away" is a masterpiece that evokes a sense of mystery and wonder. The colors of turquoise and light blue mixed with white in the upper half of the image evoke a calm and peaceful sky, while the lower half creates an intriguing contrast with vivid rose colored structures breaking through the turquoise background. These rose colored structures have been created using a special technique, resulting in a striking and textured effect that draws the eye.

Next to the pink structure are two black, horizontal , semicircular lines resembling entrances to a mystical cave. The colors in front of the entrances are again turquoise, adding to the sense of depth and dimension in the artwork. The combination of these elements creates a stunning sense of space that invites the viewer to step inside and explore.

Overall, this work of art is an awe-inspiring and captivating composition that appeals to the imagination and stirs the soul. The intricate details and striking colors are sure to intrigue and delight anyone who looks at it. It truly is a work of art that must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Acrylic on canvas I ORIGINAL
Dimensions (height x width) : 100 x 80 cm
39x32 inches

Bar depth: 2 cm
Year: 2022

Artwork on stretcher.
The side edge of the canvas is included in the painting.
Framing is not required. Artwork can be hung directly.