Vernissage on 09 September 2023: Rooney - Metaphysical Worlds

Dear guests,

welcome to the exhibition "Rooney - Metaphysical Worlds" here in the beautiful city of Rome. Before I begin, I would like to express my sincere gratitude that you are here today to experience and share my art.

 This exhibition is the result of my deep passion for art and my journey from a completely different professional world to painting. It is a journey that has taken me into the metaphysical worlds, a dialogue between our physical reality and the unseen forces that surround it.

My artwork reflects the world around us and explores its place within it. I paint intuitively, guided by my inner voice, bringing colours, shapes and movements to the canvas that this inner voice dictates. Every brushstroke is a part of me and a journey of discovery into my innermost being. Painting is like meditation for me, an experience in which I am completely absorbed in the moment and forget everything around me. It is an indescribable feeling of liberation that fills me every time I paint.

I firmly believe that art has a powerful force to enrich people's lives and broaden our perspectives. With my art, I aim to create a space for viewers to immerse themselves in, to make them think and reflect, and to connect with their own lives and the world around them.

My art also explores the unique combination of light and art, which adds an extra dimension to the works and brings them to life. The elements in my artworks seem to float and merge with each other, and I hope you will find space for your own sensations and associations.

At this point I would also like to express my gratitude. Special thanks are due to my gallerist, Roberto Tibaldi, who has given me the opportunity to exhibit at his renowned gallery Tibaldi - arte contemporanea. It is a privilege to be able to present my works in a place of such cultural importance. I appreciate your confidence in my art and the support you have given me on my creative journey.

Sincere thanks also go to my daughter-in-law Nadia Mirdad, without whose dedication and support the contact with Roberto Tibaldi would never have come about. It was her commitment that made this moment possible.

I would also like to thank Giorgia Gasperoni, who has been extremely supportive in terms of PR and organisation. Her expertise and commitment have been instrumental in making this exhibition a success.

Thank you again for being here. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy the exhibition to the fullest. Immerse yourself in my world of poetry and spiritual insight, and let the magic of art enchant you.

Thank you very much.