ROONEYs art and light installation

Art lovers who came to the "Art & Talk" event at the Historischer Bahnhof were impressed by the combination of art and light. "It was a very special, fascinating feeling. I felt attracted, drawn into painting. I am fascinated by the fact that with light everything becomes something physical."

The artwork "And it was in the world" unfolds its full effect after sunset. The colour gradient, the colour transitions are relatively slow. The elements in the artwork glide and float into each other, leaving the viewer time and space for their own sensations and associations. Rooney allows the colours to twist and turn, giving the artwork a kind of materiality or physicality. A variety of optical experiences result, so that one part of the artwork seems to arch into the room, another time it is not there at all.

Let yourself be inspired.

On view during the opening hours of the Bollwerk Lounge at the Historischer Bahnhof Bad Wimpfen, Wednesdays to Saturdays from 5pm to 11pm.