Art Exhibition in Rome. 9. - 28. September 2023: Rooney - "Metaphysical Worlds". Vernissage 09. September 2023 I 6 p.m.

Rooney - a journey from covers to art.

Rooney is a German artist whose works cannot be pigeonholed.

Her artworks have a fascinating quality that seems to transport the viewer into another world. With the use of colours, shapes and textures, she creates an atmosphere that seems almost surreal and invites the viewer to dive into another dimension. It is as if she is building a bridge between the visible and the invisible world, allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in a world full of emotion and fantasy.

In Rooney's works, the invisible world seems to shine through, as if it is just waiting to be discovered. Her paintings have a magical quality that takes the viewer on a journey through the unknown. Her artworks are like a portal to another dimension, transporting the viewer to a world beyond reality.

Rooney has not always made art, however. She has had an impressive career. After studying business administration, Rooney first worked as a successful consultant in a well-known software house. Later, she founded her own manufacturing company, designing, producing and selling high-quality covers for any furniture needed in the event industry. Her invention of patide became a popular advertising medium.

Rooney's creative streak has run throughout her professional life and she eventually found her voice in art. She creates artworks that go beyond the limits of human imagination and transport the viewer into another world.

Rooney's artworks are an invitation to dive into a world that is beyond the visible. As if guided by an invisible hand, she leads her brushes across the canvas and gives birth to her works - metaphysical worlds that transport the viewer into another dimension.

Rooney's art is not of this world. Her works show us a new reality in which the boundaries between reality and imagination become blurred. Her works are an expression of her soul, a passionate escape from everyday life.

Rooney's metaphysical worlds invite us to experience the magic and harmony of nature. From majestic mountain peaks reaching for the sky to enchanted forests that tell stories, her works convey a deep understanding of the connection between humans and the environment. Combining reality and abstraction, the result is a unique interpretation of natural beauty that immerses the viewer in an introspective and transformative experience.

The unique combination of art and light plays a prominent role in Rooney's works. Through targeted lighting and the use of light sources, she creates an extra dimension that brings the works to life and gives them a physical presence. The elements in the artworks seem to glide effortlessly into each other and float, leaving room for visitors to make their own sensations and associations.

Light becomes a living medium that enhances the metaphysical dimension of the worlds and immerses the viewer in a magical atmosphere. The harmonious compositions and subtle nuances of colour unfold in the play of light and shadow, and viewers are transported into a world of poetry and fascination.

Rooney has created the symbiosis of art and light with a masterful hand. This unique combination allows visitors to experience the metaphysical dimension of their landscapes and worlds on a whole new level and to be enchanted by the magical power of light. They are immersed in a world where nature unfolds its mysterious and transformative power.

Be enchanted by the magic of her artworks and immerse yourself in a world that seems to be out of this world.